Wednesday, March 18, 2009

We had 3 more inches of snow last night...I think we are in perpetual winter here...but honestly how could I not be inspired living up here??! I am in the process of learning cloth doll making...always a bit tricky learning something new, however, this is where my stubborness kicks in with the attitude of "this will not beat me, I CAN do this"

I am so grateful to be able to live in all this natural beauty and solitude and peace...such a far cry from the rest of the world...this morning I was sitting at my sewing desk and in front of my big window, watching the sun shimmer through the trees and making the snow sparkle like brilliant jewels and now and again wafts of snow would come tumbling down out of the branches....magical, wish you were all here to witness this piece of heaven.

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  1. Me too!!! It's looks absolutely breathtaking. I love your pictures. :) Hope that you are doing wonderful up there in the woods. Addisyn woke up this morning and was so excited to tell me that she had a "dream to grandma last night about going down a slide and I saw him again yesterday." She LOVES you and papa!