Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Going around

Seems sometimes that there are obstacles on the path that seem to block us, we can climb over them, crawl under them, try and go around them, try barging through them, or, take another route...we human being don't really like change and think we don't enjoy problems in our life, but because we cannot see around the bend we don't realize that sometimes those obstacles are placed before us to help us realize our full strength and potential and yup, that word we don't care for much...GROW...it seems that in todays life, we all are coping with our own individual things and we cannot slump down and roll around in agony...we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off...and continue onward and hopefully upward, I know when I am feeling a bit blue, going for a walk, or making someone feel better about themselves and praying to my HEAVENLY FATHER always makes me realize there really IS someone out there a whole lot worse off than me. I am so thankful for my family, I truly believe I have amazing adult children and even more gifted amazing grandchildren....THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. Life really is beautiful and God is good and we still have so much more than so many.
Try writing down 14 things that you are grateful for....it will put a smile on your face.


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  2. are you saying these 3 year olds are more gifted than me?! =) i love you mom and think you're the best mom in the world! i miss you and am so excited to come visit in april! rylee talks about it every day how she's going on an airplane to montana. and when i tell her no or try to talk to her about anything serious, all i hear from her is "i want my grandma."

  3. You are such a great writer. This post brought tears to my eyes. At first, I thought it was from being pregnant. But then I talked to Jessica and she said the same thing. Thank you for writing it. I think we all needed to hear it and I thinked it touched us and helped each of us in different ways. We are all so very blessed!! We love and miss you. Keep bloggin...we look forward to what you have to say. :)